Siddharth Patel

Since very beginning of his public career, Mr. Patel has taken a very keen interest in studying and voicing  issues and problems faced by all sections of the society including farmers, workers, adivasis and backwards.

Has worked as the General Secretary of Gujarat State Congress Committee since 1994.

Elected Member of Gujarat State Assembly from Dabhoi Constituency, Dist. Baroda (1998 - 2002). And in a repeat in 2007 elections, he got elected from same constituency.

During 1998-2002 he has worked as Deputy Whip and than as Chief Whip of Congress Legislative Party in Gujarat Assembly.

During his tenure in the house he has created an impression of very studied, thorough and very active member of the legislative assembly.

Appointed as Secretary, A.I.C.C. in January, 2006 and while working as the Secretary, A.I.C.C., he looked after the states of Maharastra, Nagaland and Goa.

On July 7, 2008, he has become the 26th President of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee.

Political Activity
Persona of Siddharth Patel
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